FR Chateau Labarthe, AOC Bordeaux


Nestled in the South of Gironde, where the picturesque l’entre-deuxmers meets the boundary of Lot et Garonne, lies the esteemed Chateau Labarthe. 

This enchanting vineyard is situated in the prestigious AOC Bordeaux region, a land celebrated for its rich viticultural heritage and exceptional wines. 

With its favorable terroir and dedication to crafting wines of utmost quality, Chateau Labarthe stands as a testament to the region’s winemaking prowess.


ALC: 13.5%

Grape Variety: 50% Merlot, 50% Cabernet Franc

Ageing: 6 months in stainless steel vats

Tasting Notes: Deep ruby colour, this wine offers a nose with complex aromas of red fruits, mingled with toasted and roasted notes. The elegant mouth is based on silky but also thick tannins. The final turns to be fresh and aromatic.  Chateau Labarthe showcases a remarkable balance between depth and finesse.

Food pairing: Perfect to pair with beef, cheese and also poultry.

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